Values & Vision

Core Belief

All individuals, regardless of level of support needed, should be able to live a life filled with purpose, dignity, agency, and joy.

Our Vision

To create a community hub that fosters the abilities of people with autism and related neurodivergent conditions, so they reach their potential and thrive in the community, in the workplace, and in life.

Why It Matters


Services for people with autism who are transitioning to adulthood in Texas are scarce.


Autism is the fastest growing developmental disability, and its prevalence is increasing. In 1970, one in 2,000 people in the U.S. was diagnosed with autism. Today’s estimate is 1 in 36.

Only 26% of adults with autism in Texas achieve successful employment, ranking it 5th worst in the nation, and Texas has the 2nd largest and fastest growing population in the United States of transition-aged adults with autism.

The national average for people with autism who never hold a job is 58% compared to 4% for people without autism.


Most young adults with autism and other neurodivergent conditions need specific, individualized accommodations, as well as, additional time and training to develop the life, job, and social skills necessary for increased independence.

Offering these services through a coordinated effort increases the potential of these people and benefits the community-at-large by helping to prevent isolation, unemployment or underemployment, and dependence on parents and/or publicly funded social services.

Austin is filled with employment opportunities within the fields of technology and creative arts that often play to the strengths of neurodivergent people, and “autism at work” is becoming a major workplace movement that our community has yet to fully embrace