Social Creativity is an innovative educational framework and philosophy of education that is at the center of everything we do at Greenleaf Neurodiversity Community Center (Greenleaf NCC). 

Social Creativity began as a recreational series of arts-based classes and social outings for neurodivergent young adults, utilizing a multi-disciplinary approach that incorporates art, drama, creative writing, music, and digital media to foster self-expression, social and relationship skills, independent-living skills, and a sense of community belonging. Social Creativity has become the foundation for our approach to all educational, vocational, and recreational programs.

Social Creativity synthesizes principles and practices from three powerful, evidence-based educational frameworks:

Creative youth development

which emphasizes youth voice, experiential learning experiences in the arts, real-world project applications, and safe/supportive learning environments.

Social-emotional learning

which focuses on self- and social- awareness and management skills through modeling, coaching, and opportunities for practice.

Contemplative education

which emphasizes mindfulness, awareness, and compassion practices to promote wellbeing, presence, reflection, personal meaning-making, and connection to nature and one another.

What does Social Creativity Mean?

With growing social acceptance of neurodiversity within society, the sometimes-unconventional social styles of many individuals with autism are increasingly understood as nuanced and socially “creative”, rather than necessarily reflecting an inability for sociality.


“Social creativity”as a concept refers to the atypical yet valid ways in which neurodivergent individuals may relate and connect to others. It also refers to the evidence-based creative instructional approaches which engage participants effectively in lifelong learning and which foster community and meaning-making.”

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