Jackson’s Story

This year, my son Jackson, who has an autism diagnosis, is attending the 18+ school at Greenleaf Neurodiversity Community Center (Greenleaf NCC), an Austin-based partnership between Austin ISD and Easterseals. It is specifically designed for young adult students (18-22) with neuro-diverse conditions like autism, epilepsy, or other neuro-divergent brain conditions.

My son’s goal is to go to art school and live in the “mainstream society,” as he describes non-disabled spaces. He wants to work as an illustrator and an artist, and yet, needs additional years of support to help him bridge the gap between where his skills are now and the needs of a typical workplace and college setting. Greenleaf provides this. In our home life, we see a huge difference in how Jackson views independent living after attending Greenleaf. When Jackson goes to his Greenleaf-provided internship, he is given a list of expectations that he must meet.

This might not seem like a big deal, but it is. He views this internship as “his job” and the requirements around grooming, dress code, and behavior are important now that he has an actual setting to apply these life skills.

For his first day of his new internship at a downtown hotel, with the help of a therapist, he booked a haircut and then arranged for his attendant to drive him to this haircut. He was able to think ahead about a commitment in a way he never was prior to Greenleaf.

This is a HUGE change in thinking for him. It has changed all our lives. We cannot thank Greenleaf enough for the support it provides Jackson and our family. – René Craft

“I learn about jobs, I learn about social skills, I learn how to cook, I do yoga, I learn a little about mindfulness, I really enjoy it!” – Jackson

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